I And I Am Now A Redguard Mage ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A ridiculously photogenic Redguard. The Daggerfall Unity development team recently released an official beta build (0.11.0) prompting a need to casually explore the fictional continent of Tamriel once again, but with a new character. I like Redguards, so I’ll go with this. His earliest memories are of a warm and unusual home where he learned [More]

Starwind Remastered, a force of goodness

Stumbled across some obscure discussion about the release of Starwind Remastered, a total conversion mod that brings the Morrowind engine into the universe of Star Wars: The Old Republic and takes place during the events of Knights of the Old Republic. The original Knights of the Old Republic is the last Star Wars title I [More]