Anomaly: Anew. A need to dig deeper.

Well, fuck me. This watch actually works.

I really need to pay more attention to item descriptions. In game assets now come with enhanced options. Crafting mechanics have been expanded and I am left clueless. This, I think very exciting.

Not a whole lot of time was spent crafting in the previous world. The mechanics were not very friendly. Simply dismantling loot for resources was tedious at best. I respect the effort though. These are non-native features being introduced by enthusiasts. Despite its flaws, I like the idea. It adds to the immersion.

Things are a little different now and I feel compelled to dig deeper. Resources once considered worthless trade items now invaluable as basic crafting components. Was it always like this? So much to absorb.

It is pitch black outside this Farmhouse. No plans to go anywhere. A lowly novice who cannot afford the financial impact of running into that Chimera screaming out there in the distance.

Should have spent more time with my character loadout before starting anew. Oh, but there was so much shit to review in that sexy new interface. So much so I began to mull over a backstory.

Why am I here?

Fucking against my will of course. Who in their right mind would elect to go into this hell hole?

So, how did I get here? Cue a soundtrack.

Let’s just say some foreigners chose to set up a facility near where I am from. Though the residents of that said facility kept to themselves. Every once in a while you could hear them barking commands at each other. Russians? Hard to tell. I’ve never heard of them socializing with any of us. They lived and worked in that building. Everything was delivered by private drones. This went on for about a year. Strange indeed, as people don’t usually come to Jamaica to be secretive. I don’t think.

“Them don’t bother we. We don’t bother them…” Easy Rass quipped as he passed by. He was heading down the hill to the town square. A thick trail of Ganja smoke followed.

“Hey Easy!” I shouted. “Leave some bloodclaut oxygen for the rest of us man”. He turned, grinned, flipped me the middle finger and kept going. Puffing with each step.

It was a hot day outside on our Avenue. Most everyone was at work, school or off doing important things. I was outside waiting for a package to be delivered.

Our house was located about a mile down from where that Russian facility was established. An easy walk along the patches of streets and avenues or a moderately dangerous trudge up the hillside to get there.

There was also that deep hum. It sounds kinda like an army of bumble bees at the time. Also felt like a mild tremor. It was coming from that facility. It only happened once in a while though. Usually short bursts. Eventually, I would grow more curious. That my friends would be my downfall.

How’s that for a backstory? Dull and unoriginal indeed but should do for now. I mean, how better to explain the existence of some random Jamaican running around in that Zone?

It is morning now and I am famished. Time to prepare for today’s activities. I slipped that watch onto a quick item slot and tested. It is now 6:45 AM. I should head down to the Rookie village, meet with Sidorovich and make nice with the Loners.

The problem now is Identifying characters. This will be difficult. I have no idea who is occupying that bridge. I am currently armed with a lowly PM pistol and do not have cross-hairs enabled.


I wonder what Hip is up to?

Anomaly: PSA – Hip don’t joke around. from r/stalker