Anomaly: Cordon, survival is on the menu

Steel plates were easy enough to craft. Just happen to have the components on hand. And next I need…

Dammit! Forgot again.

Problem I have with crafting is remembering what is needed and I simply can’t. I shuffle back and forth between storage and the technician too many times. He would politely remind me and upon return, I would forget. I would sift through volumes of notes and consume pertinent information, then immediately lose it  when I turn to face my pile. I’ve been through this before. One would think I would have learned by now.  Really need to sort this all out. At least before I go crazy. Shaggy stood by patiently and watched the madness unfold.

Gunfire erupted from the bridge south of here. Seconds later, an ally was reported killed by a roaming squad from the military. What piqued my interest was the bragging. One officer posted an unsecured message about a firearm recovered. I made a mental note.

Why go through this companion nonsense, you may ask. A valid question.

Survival is on the menu and I would like to venture forth having a hardy companion by my side. For now at least. This brings me to Hip. The one and only woman so far. I was shocked the first time I saw her strolling through the Rookie Village. I slowly closed my eyes, leaned back and waxed internally. Thought about frolicking through the zone alongside her. Explore her back story as we travel throughout and beyond the southern region. They say she’s a tank and can handle herself. Handling herself. I giggled and repeated those two words for an unknown length of time.

I need to craft thickened frames but can’t find support anywhere. Instructions are not in the array of basic, advanced or expert kits I have in stock. Missing some documents it seems? Fortunately this trader has what the outfit needs, so further upgrades are within reach. I ached as I watch my heavy pockets status recoil with each payment. Again started to wonder if any of this was worth it.

It was very dark out. But we quietly snuck over to the bridge anyways. Just for a quick peek. Perhaps  a chance to recoup some expense. One thing lead to another and I found myself at a disadvantage. Another plan gone wrong. I failed to notice the other officer positioning himself at the far left. Just by that shipping container. Meanwhile Shaggy was further behind in the brush and instructed to wait. That officer took full advantage of his opportunity but failed to make the ultimate connection. The loud burst startled me. Bullets flew by harmlessly. I kept my cool and was still able to silence my initial target with a few well placed rounds. Then, while switching to my side arm, I charged at the container after my assailant took cover. Could hear him reload as I crept cautiously along the side. He then surprised me with a few more rounds and disappeared. That hurt quite a bit. Could have been fatal had it not been for enhancements. A stark reminder of my vulnerabilities, I noted as I fumbled for a stimpak. Shaggy became the deciding factor that night. He again disregarded my recommendations and crept up along the other side of the container. Ended the standoff with a brief exchange. His injuries were minor. Score one for upgrades.

Then the dogs came. There were three of them and without a warning they rushed us from the south. I was in the middle of looting and did not respond in a timely fashion. Shaggy took the initiative and shot the creature closest to us. It continued its aggression and tore viciously at me repeatedly. Pistol raised, I took aim and ended that thing as it realigned itself for another bite. The second tore at my companion as he reloaded. I emptied my clip in its direction while lunging forward. Switched to the blade and sunk the edge deep into its torso and twisted. Turned around just in time to see Shaggy unload his AK into the last hound as it charged. My companion went down. I instantly lost my shit.

Its not the dogs fault really. Mutants do what mutants do. Think I was more angry with myself. That said, I chased that little fucker around with my blade screaming like a madman. Took a while to realize my companion was still alive. Could hear him calling for help but I was too busy feeding on rage to notice. I immediately reloaded my pistol and ended the chase. Then ran to Shaggy and offered aid. He had succumbed to blood loss and would take some time to recover. We loaded up on loot and traveled back to the safety of the farm to call it a night.

The loner handled himself as well I suppose. I am now thinking that better equipment should provide better results. That’s more expense right there buddy. Fortunately, I’m pretty flush and in no rush. Am also fine, with the progression and grind. Trader left for the night so I dumped it all into storage. Then stared in awe at the overwhelming amount of crap accumulated. Will need to sort this out somehow. Make it less of a mess.

The weapon that drew me to the bridge initially was not only in terrible condition. But not the firearm that the stalker in Agroprom was searching for. Fortunately. I recovered a few stash coordinates and some money. Could have been worse. The new locations were spread out but embedded in areas I’ve visited before. Should be fine.

“Rest up Shaggy,” I told him as we walked over to the sleeping area. “We have traveling to do come sun up.”