Anomaly: Cordon – that bandit had no chill

The last round hit the mutant square in the face and It immediately flopped down to the ground. Sweet satisfaction after what felt like forever. A number of misfires here, a number of missed shots there. At least I didn’t aggro the Zombies roaming around idly in the back. That would not have been a good thing. Having to negotiate mindless zombies at this time was out of the question. I definitely should have picked up more bullets though. Could have also moved in closer to the trees just up ahead. Perched atop this rusted out vehicle felt safe. I had the high ground and wanted to take my time.

This AK though. The only decent rifle scavenged that would fit this scope. I’ve been nursing this weapon ever since that traveler by the bridge lost his cool. Maybe he thought I was an easy kill.

He was almost right.

I should have known that the guy was a Bandit. His dark worn leather coat and tattered Adidas tracksuit, a dead giveaway. He was also that traveler by the bridge looking for an experienced stalker to go North. Since this character was publicly advertising for help. Maybe he wasn’t looking for trouble after all.

Of course, I was wrong.

He slowly turned around as I approached. The moment he laid eyes on me he reached for his rifle vexed at my presence. His rapid side steps, an indication of his hostile intent. I panicked and quickly pulled my PM firing blindly from the hip. One, maybe two rounds connected. I couldn’t tell. It staggered him momentarily though. I steadied my aim. Locked onto his masked face then squeezed the trigger.


The Bandit quickly steadied himself then proceeded to unload a portion of his clip in my general direction. The broken tractor on my right, my only refuge. I quickly scrambled towards the back for cover and positioned myself low. Checked my status. No damage. The Bandit poured the rest of his clip into the rusted out vehicle and cursed at me.

“Awesome.” I grinned. “This guy can’t shoot for shit.”

I wasted no time and reloaded. Could hear him ready his weapon and storm angrily in my direction. From below the tractor, I took aim and carefully placed two rounds into his forward leg. That staggered him once more. I then rapidly emptied my clip into his torso as I popped out from the side. He fell instantly.

Damn, that felt good. Flawless victory. I suppose I could have made the effort to sneak by. But then I would not have gotten this rifle.

Anomaly: Cordon – This Bandit had no chill. from r/stalker

It is now late afternoon Cordon time and I am just about wrapping up this task for Wolf. So far I have claimed an ok rifle and a useful scope from some unfortunate soul over at the Glades. The PDA merrily chirped its alert. I should head back before dark. There is a reward to collect and I have to travel the long way back.