Anomaly: Dark Valley, Sultan is dead.

Sultan is dead. 
I did not mean to kill him. Things just kinda got out of hand. I find myself now responsible for the murder of more notable characters. Really not my finest moment. 
I tell you what, the Dark Valley does not disappoint. Took a serious beating from a horde of blind dogs on the way to the factory. All this while running breathlessly through the open field. An attempt to avoid the psi energy being shoveled into my skull by a wandering ‘geist. Fortunately this armor, though very low on carry weight, held strong and I made it through leaving that poltergeist far behind as well as a small trail of bullet riddled dogs. 
The officers occupying the factory. They seem to accept me as one of their own. I made the second floor my base of operation as it was the least occupied. Introduced myself and sought ways to help out. All had challenges they wished addressed. Most wanted a particular target assassinated. Others were looking for specific armaments. I was not at all interested in taking on any of these tasks The soldiers had money though. Trades could be made. There is a research lab on the premise that I have yet to unlock. That lab is of no concern at the moment. I’m here for an abandoned stash south of this facility. Another one hidden in the heart of the bandit camp and a lone package at the north end of the Truck Cemetery. 
In the south, a pseudogiant had settled itself near that location. Had to take precautions with this one and located myself at the very top of the hill overlooking the pseudogiant position. I took my time. Wore that creature down from the safety of distance. Then later charged in for that heroic pistol finish. Well played I boasted. Wasn’t worth the effort though. The resource spent cost more than the loot recovered. Dead weight that I ended up selling to the officers back at the factory. 
It was getting late and I wanted a bandit outfit. Had no intentions of killing my way into the heart of that base. And sneaking was out of the question. Disguising myself, the best option available. I traveled north to the hillside overlooking the southern entrance to scout for opportunities. Maybe a lone bandit traveler? From there I noticed a body lay prone on the road inside the entrance. The gate was unlocked and accessible but there were two blind dogs rampaging about and tearing at the body. I huffed a little bit of powder from my trusty vial. Waited for the effects to kick in. Then quickly made my way down the hill towards the entrance. 
Several stacks of round reinforced concrete pipes lay scattered around the small camp outside the gate. I crawled cautiously to the top of the closest stack and took aim. Not the head shot I had hoped for. Hit the creature anyways and they both proceeded to charge outside the gate towards me. Just then a bandit stuck his head out the back door and peppered my gear with what I assumed were very old bullets. My response was less than impressive, munitions wasted as the bandit quickly returned to cover. Though the dogs could not get to my perch. I still find myself negotiating with more than I had planned. Had to change the balance. 
I ingested some Vinca. Always try to keep some close. Armed my knife, timed the dogs movements then plunged with savage precision onto both targets. They tore viciously at my gear but the Vinca kept the bleeding under control. I stabbed and sliced at the creatures with surgical precision. Both went down quickly. Armed with my rifle, I made my way to the opening of the gate. There I was greeted not only by old bullets. But he now had a friend who did not have old bullets. I began to strafe as we exchanged fire. Both bandits fell silent. Minor injuries sustained. 
None of these guys had outfits or supplies worth a damn. No real surprise here, they both went down easily. Still, it felt like more wasted resource. Perhaps this is where I really should have taken a moment and consider my next move. Instead of collecting the loot and returning as I should have. I decided to explore just a bit more. Suppose being disguised as military contributed to my recklessness. 
They had me cornered in the back office upstairs and they kept coming. It was an intense battle and it raged on for quite some time. I was still energized though. The ‘caine kept me hyper alert and I fought like an elite. Duck and cover. Listen for openings. Precise bursts. I suppose I should consider myself lucky. Had a single grenade been tossed in my direction it would have been game over. I had no artifacts attached. My only protection, this partially upgraded armor. Throughout that entire process, Sultan fell victim. Didn’t realize until after the fact. Damn, I thought as I searched his corpse, his loot wasn’t worth shit either. 
Back at the factory, I sold what I could haul back. Then settled in to the tedious task of repairing my gear. I sincerely regret what happened at the bandit camp. Could have been avoided had I just bought the damn outfit. Not like I don’t have the money. They call me heavy pockets for a reason you know. 
I’m sure I saw an outfit I can use sitting in someones inventory. Maybe that trader back in Garbage. I will need to rest, recoup then pay him a visit in the morning. Another emission is coming soon, better stay inside.