Anomaly: Great swamp, friggin’ stash boxes

“Oh man,” I thought to myself. “I really do not want to go in there.” I squatted on the ground, took another drag from my cigarette and stared gloomily at the massive patch of swamp grass ahead.

It was just past noon. The sky was cloudy. I have been exposed to radiation and can feel the misery. Radiation poisoning is no joke but is to be expected when traveling through these marshlands. The murky irradiated water, tall reeds and narrow passages of safe travel almost guarantee exposure.

I pulled a kit from my pack and began an impromptu repair on my mask. While traveling to this spot I stumbled onto a number of wild dogs. I thought they were dead. I was wrong. Aggressive little bastards I’ll tell. I gave up trying to shoot the slippery fuckers and resorted to lunging at them with my knife. A poorly executed plan but a success nonetheless.

Now, some stalker wants me to go into that reedy mess and find his hidden equipment. I hesitated at first, Great swamp stashes have been a gamble. A slight chance you can’t access the content. That said, I have heard that the Clear Sky trader will sell great equipment to friends. As a result, I want an improved reputation and I am willing to take another chance.

Fatigue is setting in now, and so is my sense of urgency. I want to be somewhere safe. Not out here. Fortunately for me, this thick patch of reedy foliage isn’t as boggy as I had thought and according to the map. I should be on top of the box. It should be here. Maybe over there. This went on for a while. A somewhat methodical crawl through the mud. Eventually, I spotted it. A small section of a lockbox sticking out of the ground and bonus: I cannot access the content.

I was fuming when I got my avatar back to the Clear Sky base. My only loot, some mutant dog parts. This is the second stash box with the same problem. I wondered how many more there were on this map. I need to adjust my role-play approach. Maybe focus on other factions and maps for a while.

At least until the developers release updates to 1.4.0.