Anomaly: Great Swamp, today a good day.

No, I have not left the southern region as of this moment. Have yet to unlock the necessary routes. Just running around doing faction things. Yes, the quests are repetitive. Yes, I should be bored to tears. Happy to say I am not bored and I still find this world engaging.

Disabling that psi-emitter in Yantar was anti-climatic at best. Expected a bit more fanfare, maybe improved relations or at least the passage to the Dead City unlocked. Nothing. The zone and it’s inhabitants didn’t seem to care much. At least with that psi-emitter disabled, Yantar is now a little less of a distressing place to visit. Just wish I knew what to do with these research documents I picked up in that lab.

At this moment, I find myself at the northern end of the great swamp hiding beneath a large tree. I’m on my way back from successfully infiltrating the military base in Agroprom. There is a helicopter hovering above. Not sure if hostile and not taking any chances. I can see it slowly rotate searching for a target. Is it hunting for me? Hard to tell. For now, I think I’ll stay hidden right under this tree and satiate a little hunger. This threat should go away soon, find another soul to harass.

No fruits or vegetables in the zone you know. Adjusting to this diet would be a serious challenge had this not been a game. I consumed a portion of my rations and quaffed a bit of vodka. The vodka was unnecessary of course but what the hell. The chopper slowly drifted directly north and began its rotation once again, searching. I shuffled a little to the side to maintain the tree between us. The constant whopping from the helicopter engulfed my every being as the vodka gently burned its way down into my soul. Directly behind me lay a large body of highly toxic pond water bordered by thickened reeds. A less than desirable route to escape through but still an option. Everywhere else was wide open with too much distance to the next best hiding place.

I turned to my personal device to review the network chatter. It seems the military were on high alert anyway and their beef was with a mutant horde or sorts. It could be safe to expose myself I thought. But I did not want to take that chance. I identify as a loner and am not in the appropriate disguise to deceive the military. The helicopter drifted over to the exposed field. I adjusted my position accordingly and waited. How challenging would a moment like this be with a companion or two? I would be responsible for issuing the appropriate commands: sneak, wait, passive and hoped they would obey. Hard to establish relationships with them. They just keep dying again and again. Sometimes in the most ridiculous ways possible. The helicopter drifted further north and I held my position. Soon I will be able to continue on my way unscathed. It’s about midday and I had the time.

After a while. Enough distance grew between myself and the chopper. I felt confidence and resumed my trek towards Cordon. Simple events like these keep the role play interesting. Surviving them feel like minor accomplishments. Suddenly a familiar sound erupted. The helicopter began to unleash a bombardment of munitions in my general direction and panic set in. Just then inhuman howls and screams filled the air. Another chill ran down my spine. I may have soiled my underwear also. Had I made another mistake? With nowhere close enough to quickly hide. I turned around helplessly only to witness a large assembly of beasts swarm the area I once hid. Bullets were tearing though their flesh as they rampaged. Dogs at war with boars and a number of fleshes. It was one massive mutant orgy. I jogged further up to the bordering fence. Crouched in the bushes and watched the massacre go on. Had I remained at that spot a moment longer, I would have been in the center of that circus.

The helicopter gunner didn’t seem very good at his job. Took a while and quite a few rounds to silence that assembly below. I was tempted to join in, maybe speed things up. But didn’t want to attract attention. I remained as a spectator.

The haul was heavy but worth it. Attachments became necessary to help offset the carry weight. As I continued on my way to the farm in Cordon, reeking of freshly harvested mutant parts. I reflected on today’s events. Not one round was fired on my behalf. Yet I have been rewarded with another memorable moment and so much loot. Have to say. Today in the zone, was a good day. Perhaps I’ll see more.