Anomaly: six days in, haven’t accomplished much.

Yep. Still hanging out in Cordon.

Release 1.4.0. appears to perform best on this map. Crossing over to other maps whilst sporting DX11 always results in a crash. DX9 fallback now in effect.

I managed to travel North to the Wild Territory and perhaps could have gone further. A hostile Bandit force had other ideas and I wasn’t about to argue.

My first visit to Rostok was a whole other thing all together. A small number of popular characters no longer occupy their known positions. In addition, I stumbled across bodies strewn everywhere in that courtyard outside the Bar. I cautiously checked as many of the dead as I could up until I ran into the remains of the mutants responsible. It was a very violent scene to say the least. Thankfully the main characters were unharmed. Rostok is now without a number of its key defenders. I fear for its fate.

Earlier, a Bandit tried to ambush me. Happened at the entrance to Garbage. Fortunately for me, this lone assassin was very inexperienced and maybe should have invested in a better shotgun. His misfire, though oddly familiar, was an unfortunate mistake on his part. An excellent reminder though to always ready a weapon before crossing over.

Happy to say I was able to find a good blade here in Garbage. Purchased it from that Butcher occupying the large warehouse. Incidentally, this is where I once again learned to appreciate a main characters invulnerability. As the moment I approached that warehouses exit. I was immediately set upon by three of the Zones most fearsome creatures. They resembled the Chimera, only smaller and seem to work in packs. All three beasts immediately charged at me. They were coming from just beyond the broken bus stop. Without hesitation I sprinted right into the Butchers shop. Launched myself into the broken passageway off to the side and hid.

The mutant A.I. still needs work. The creatures got themselves stuck in the building structure trying to kill the Butcher. Lucky me. Disposing of them was as easy as poking them with my fancy new knife. More meat to sell.

I also visited the Great Swamp. That place put a serious hurt on my game performance. Spent two blowouts hanging around on that map, fiddling with game settings, and running errands.

I now find myself back in Cordon. Cowering in the attic covering the main building at the car park. Could have sworn I saw another Chimera out by that small bridge. Not certain. I don’t hear that familiar howl.

I am drunk. Maybe not playing so good. Should take a break. There is no rush.