I AND I, Anomaly, hostiles within factions

It could be a hold over feature or just a bug. I think this, because having hostiles within factions, is rare. Did I accidentally shoot someone I should not have. Perhaps steal from the wrong stash, or just too deep into the role play. The latter, more plausible.

While soliciting drugs from the medic in Agroprom. I noticed another officer shuffling about the adjacent room in an odd fashion. The animation was a bit off. His movements suggested he was in the process of stalking as he hugged the wall, edging ever so close to where I stood. With a few missions completed, relations with the military remained good, and there was no reason to be concerned, or so I thought, and continued bartering with the medic.

Inventory menu navigation requires a bit of attention, too easy to get lost in the disorganized icons and clumsy mechanics. Can’t tell you how many times, I got ambushed out in the wild while rummaging around for a swiss army knife.

The NPC was now in the same room as I was, positioned just behind the technician standing next to me. I took a peek around the tech, and indeed that officers resentment, was directed towards me. Why? Everyone else was calm. It then occurred to me, that recent updates to the zone could have changed things.

Oh boy.

This was going to be tricky. Shooting this one amongst his peers could have an adverse affect on my relationships with them. Had to lure him somewhere private, somewhere away from this base, somewhere to have a little chat.

It was supposed to be a single quaff, but accidentally consumed two energy drinks. Inventory mechanics elected to glitch just then, leaving me high, wide and oh so ready to go.

First things first, hit “F5” to save, then make a beeline for the exit.

The first shot from that character hit the armour, and it caused a slight rupture. Apparently he was not using his best rounds. Cool, I thought, and kept running. Guards at the door seemed super chill with the commotion, and remained unconcerned, as if nothing was happening. That made me think there was only one hostile to worry about. Of course I was wrong.

The second shot came from somewhere else, but missed. The man had friends outside the building waiting.

The third shot hurt, and that one caused me to stagger and slowed my role. It also inflicted serious damage to my armour, which resulted in heavy bleeding. The situation grew serious, had to get as far away as possible and fast. It became difficult to tell friend from foe as I continued towards the exit, it looked like everyone was wandering around brandishing their weapons.

Finally, made it out the gate and without hesitation rushed into the hills nearby, hid behind some rocks and waited. Had hoped my attackers would follow, unfortunately they did not, which left me disappointed.

Had considered going back Rambo style to seek revenge, but thought better. Not the skirmish I want to be in right now, what with broken gear and low munitions on hand. I will be back though, after dumping weight and doing repairs.

Before that happens, I will also need to avoid this controller wandering around unseen, somewhere out there close enough to spew its sickening aura into my head.


I remembered it being such a nice day.

[ANOMALY] Too much role play or were they assassins? from r/stalker