I AND I, Anomaly, moment with the Red Forest

“Seriously, where is this thing?”

Canvassing the area as if, enlightenment was hiding somewhere close with answers. The PDA is convinced that package is located here. Claims it is hidden in, around, or on these boulders towering before me. It isn’t though, I looked. Only things of interest out here in this forest, are the trees, and the murder of crows socializing throughout. It is possible the coordinates are bad, also possible another traveler beat me to it. Investigating abandoned packages can be a gamble, just ask any stalker.

So much time wasted, exploring each and every angle imaginable. Still nothing. And yet, I will not give up. One more go around, I would tell myself, and start that futile process over again, further demonstrating my disposition towards greed. The crows fluttering about the foliage, squawked at me in agreement, that is madness indeed.

Initially thought this would be an easy operation, not so anymore. Another miscalculation on my part and more time wasted. Should have left this objective, a long time ago, and carry on with my life. But stubborn is as stubborn does and off I go, to search once more.

Just then, as daylight pulled itself away from the forest, a steady rumble could be felt throughout the entire region. Above, the clouds withdrew into darkness and did so at an alarming rate. A clear sign that another of those atmospheric disturbances, was on its way. Panic of course, immediately set in, burdening me with elevated anxiety, further compounded by that horrendous alarm blaring throughout the zone. Don’t recall mentions of a storm, but to be fair, I was not paying attention. Now, I must.

As I ran recklessly along the hillside, headed in the direction of Radar. I blindly surrendered about a third of my health, to some irradiated foliage hanging from the trees. Didn’t see the thing in time, and rushed right into it. Then promptly lost the other third stumbling through that electric patch bordering the pathway, I should have taken in the first place. I was hurt badly, but could not stop, had to find shelter, and that cave was the closest.

The first blast from the storm pierced itself through the trees not too far behind, felling crows that left themselves exposed to its rage. That’s when I spied the gates to Radar, and that’s when I knew I had gone too far. Even with the right gear, Radar is a less than hospitable place for anyone, with a rookie title, to be. Risky, but I had to turn around, and head back into the storm.

The next blast came close enough to threaten the contents of my bowels. Fortunately, I was at my destination, and charged head first into the cave before coming to a grinding halt. There is already a claim on this shelter, and the current residents do not look pleased.

The first of the two giants charged towards me, and with only seconds to spare, and not many options available, I lunged towards the rusty mining cart ahead of me to hide from its view, donned my helmet, then a fetal posture, for the worse. On the other side of the cart, the giant slammed its enormous leg to the ground. It impacted close enough to cause physical pain, then growled something sickening in my direction, before slamming the other. That mutants message was well received, more med-kits applied.

Then things got literally murky. Don’t know what it was, and didn’t dare try to peek and find out. Its aura was all around, poisoning my existence while slowly gnawing away at my will to live. I had no other choice though, and kept myself hunkered down, hugging my backpack, while blindly ingesting anything I could find, including the vodka.

Through the mental haze, one curious giant could be seen coming around the cart to investigate, and spent some time looking. Fortunately, it was too dark, and that thing could not see me balled up tightly in that corner, trembling like a child. The giant then snarled it’s satisfaction and returned. It was then followed by a handful of those undead souls hobbling about, they too could not see me and moments later they all went back inside. What luck.

Spent the duration of the storm in that corner, reeling from the effects of things consumed, caught between some mutants’ emissions and a deadly storm outside. Not at all what I had planned for the day, and not my best moment with the Red Forest. But so it goes in the zone, and right now, I was safe.

When the storm died, I ran and never looked back. Never did find that stash, and have since stopped caring. Those coordinates, are not the only blemishes that litter my map, there are others, and this frustration it seems, will continue.

More mods are on the way though, the zone will change once again. Maybe someone will fix it.

A short game experience related to this Reddit post: