Oolite – A really decent space sim sandbox solution.

While hunting for a free space sandbox I ran into this gem:

At first I did not like. Gameplay, graphics and controls did not fit within my preconception of how a space flight sim should work.
However, the Oolite community really loves this game and I was determined to find out why. 

Enter addons. 

The recommended “Addons for beginners”  improved the overall look, feel, ship models and game options.

That keyboard control problem.

Keyconfig to the rescue. A standalone html scripting utility used to generate keyboard configuration for Oolite. Here’s my keyboard config. A wasd style layout

That mouse control problem

This one was tricky. 

The default behaviour is to press the ‘m’ key to enable mouse control. Adding ‘ctrl’ + ‘m’ enables mouse control with left, right movement which is fine but the Y axis needed some attention.

Norby offers a solution:
“VIEW_AFT” to “VIEW_FORWARD” in Scriptsreversecontrol.js

That’s right. Modify an addon.

In my case “Reverse Y Controls” addon was modified. But that ended up conflicting with “Addons for beginners” which depends on “Reverse Control”.

Quick solution. Make “Reverse Y” identify itself as “Reverse” and fool “Addons for beginners” into respecting the changes. Addon results

Fun at last

End result. Pretty decent space sim sandbox for free with custom controls. Well worth the time spent modding.