PABULUM: Anomaly, stuck in Zaton. Day Four

Scavenging Zaton for supplies and hidden passages. Decided to avoid buying route information from traders because of “muh immersion”.

Anonymous reports of fallen mercs keep popping up. Mercs often have good loot. “Easy money, easy life,” to quote a fellow stalker. Problem I have now is this Burer. He’s holding the bridge hostage while a Lurker prowls close by. Not sure which is worse. Plant might have to wait some more. Over the past few days, I’ve had two near death experiences with that Lurker. That’s two too many. Best let these mercs deal with it. After all it is their territory right?

Skadovsk is well secure but waiting around for opportunities can get dull. Lots of downtime had. Risky behaviors engaged.

A random psi-emitter interrupted a routine trek through the swamp. Don’t recall it being there before. Dealt a fair bit of damage and left this lovely little thing chasing me around.

Over at the Ranger station, a wandering freedomer met his fate at the hands of a zombie horde. Left this sweet Sentinel of Freedom outfit and some wicked armaments. The following repairs wiped out my entire savings with hardly a penny left for bullets. The upside though, mercs and freedomers get along pretty well and with this outfit I can simply walk into the plant like a true stalker bro. Then recover whatever is left lying around.