PABULUM – DOOM 2016 – a stupid blurb – not a review.

I like the DOOM franchise.

Remember back in the day trying to squeeze every last drop of resource out of an under powered i386 SX desktop just to play the original shareware demo.

The game ran horribly. I still had a blast.

I’ve been waiting for a long time to experience the new DOOM and recently treated myself to the 2016 release. It was on sale and I could juggle the expense. It would take about two days to download that game at 512K.

DOOM marketing promises the game will be the original experience with much better visuals, character intelligence, fancy kills and oh just shut up and take my damn money.

Then I read some shit like ‘DOOM: Eternal’ Should Be So Good It’s ‘Hard To Play The Original’ Says Dev. ಠ_ಠ

Now I’m second guessing my decision, going through emotes.

What if the game no longer plays on Linux? Developers could easily kill support with a single patch. 
What if my rig can’t handle the demands? This machine is old and has already experienced some damage from overheating.

A potential waste of time and money. Been there before. Hastily jumped on a Dark Souls II sale before realizing that a playable Linux experience would take some time to materialize. I have no interest in running a Windows desktop, hence the struggle.

One day left.

YouTube videos become useful. Spoilers be damned. The chatter is all about the latest entry though. No one to share enthusiasm with.

Eight hours to go. Left the machine running overnight but forgot the increase the bandwidth.

It’s hard to concentrate on work. Feels like Christmas and that shiny new toy is stuck in shipping. Must stop this anticipation shit.

Moment of truth. The game boots to the opening screen. I’m holding my breath waiting for something to break. Some library incompatibility. Something to remind me to never buy a new game again.

Carefully navigate the menu noting the lag. Indeed this computer is struggling. Then jumped right into my first campaign. At the default settings the game is playable but more enjoyable at the lowest settings.

DOOM does not disappoint. It is a visually stunning environment. Encourages fun and exploration. No standing still, you’ve got to move when negotiating hostiles and then explore if you survive.

The soundtrack is fantastic and tuned to in game activities. It doesn’t get in the way and ushers you along. The character models are astounding. I would often let them kill me just so I could take a closer look.

Had intended on creating short stories based on this universe. So far the narrative revolves around wrecking all the things and getting wrecked by all the things. There is a story in there somewhere but I’m too busy trying to master the game mechanics. What’s this foot sweep shit.

Maybe a couple rounds of new game pluses will reveal something I can use.