PABULUM: Oolite 1.88

TLDW: Took the Cobra Mark III: King CAB out for a spin and perhaps a fight or two, and like any respectable coward ran away from the fight. Instead elected to do some target practice with asteroids and lose money on trade. Graphics look nice and flying is cinematic, although hotkey mental failure did occur while fumbling with a sensitive mouse.

Last time the sandbox was touched was back in 2016, whilst personal computing was done with a Linux notebook. Turns out, this deceptively simple title is ace at filling that craving for a 3D space sim without the expense, overheated graphics, DRM or dependence on online connections.

Last updated in 2018, it showcases the following list of features.

  • Improved lighting system with graphics enhancements.
  • New look for planets and atmospheres.
  • Support for up to four joysticks and flight control improvements.
  • Scripting and AI improvements, optimizations, quality of life and bug fixes.

Video was recorded at a 1280 x 720 using OBS and features the player re-acclimating to and testing out custom keyboard controls: 

Plus one minor change to adjust mouse pitch via source, as recommended: 


Note: Did not expect to spend this much time “testing”. I still have no idea what I am doing in this sandbox. Fortunately as of this post, there are active communities available to help.