I AND I, Anomaly, always check inventory

I’ve come to realize, that dumping your entire collection into storage, can be a tedious task at best. It’s not something I really needed to do. It’s more of a symbolic act to put an end to this chapter. You see, after countless patches, updates and reloads, my character began to experience strange things. Looks like some of the flaws that adversely affect the zone, had finally caught up to me. I slipped myself one last anti-rad, and through the resulting haze, began the process of moving everything over, and I had a lot it seems.

Earlier that day, I found myself at the mobile lab in Yantar, trading away recovered loot as usual. I often spend a bit of time perusing his inventory, not just because of the selection and decent prices, but mostly because I can’t remember, for the life of me, what item is needed for the next upgrade. There is a strict no refund policy here, and I fear wasting funds on the wrong thing. I do remember trading a blue artifact to Sak’, that process will always result in some level of poisoning between handlers. The exposure is usually minor, and it goes away after a few moments. This time, It did not.

That brief exposure kept spreading and would not go away. I took anti-rads for some relief, but the poisoning started up once more.

6 msv.

Checked inventory over and over.. Found nothing out of the ordinary, I was confident of that, but the tingling from that exposure kept growing.

13 msv.

Could it be this region? Heard somewhere, that mods could make Yantar an unbearable place to be, without proper equipment. Has that effort been implemented in one of my patches, would the developer do that and not tell us. My paranoid mind working overtime.

21 msv.

I should have started a new game with a new character as was suggested, now I have no choice. Fuq! That medic over at the military base came to mind. Perhaps I could game the system, interact with that character and somehow correct this bug. Feeling exhausted and not thinking straight, I donned my helmet and quickly made my way toward Agroprom and ran like my life depended on it.

104 msv.

The first shot from the gate surprised me but missed. I had forgotten about that weird NPC at the base. That character and his friends, wanted me dead and I have no idea why. We never did end up having that chat, and I am in too much of a panic for that nonsense now. He began to fire at me repeatedly, one shot connected forcing me into the hills for refuge. Still not thinking straight, and with one too many things working against me, I resigned myself to simply head back to the farm in Cordon, and accept this fate. I was, in real life, tired and needed to finish this story somehow. Had a good run with this one, one of the best ever, and retiring him will be a sad moment indeed.

With the final item placed in storage, I walked my avatar up on to the roof for his final moments. It was cloudy and depressing, appropriate I suppose. I sat back, and sadly looked at my avatar for a while, musing over stories created, knowing there was nothing that I could do to save him.

Took a long time to realize that the poisoning was actually going down and my avatar was not dying after all. A welcome relief I thought. Clearly something in my personal inventory, was the culprit. Further investigations revealed that I had put an artifact, in a container that was less than adequate for its ratings, hence the undetectable leakage. Seriously, all this drama, because I just won’t read.

My new rules for survival in the zone. Reading is fundamental, don’t ever haul too much crap, and always, always check inventory.