I AND I, Anomaly, CTDs and settings sorcery

A crash to desktop, or CTD, is a common phenomenon in the Stalker series. You find yourself immersed in whatever activity and boom the game crashes mid nut. With most other games, this would be unacceptable. With Stalker though, it is just another day.

I am looking to travel beyond Zaton at the moment, because for some reason, traders on this beached vessel are not at all interested in buying artifacts. This is not normal I know. Possibly the result of a few patches recently applied, or I’m simply playing the game wrong, the latter more likely. Either way, I wrote this off, as another bug, and continued exploring that world. And with regards to the regulars that frequent this ship. Well, I’ve since taken all their money, and it is time to seek new stalkers for trade. Zaton has been good to me, but now I’m artifact heavy, customer shy, and It is time to move on.

That Transporter, what’s his name? Pilot I think. He claims that he can ferry me to the Yanov Station in Jupiter, but that action item is not available in our comm. Another unexpected bug. The plan to burden myself with loot, then travel to Yanov, is now dead.

But plans change, and boy do they. Fast forward through some real life activities, events, and now the game refuses to load my last moments in the zone.

“The hell you mean it won’t load.” A little something I muttered to myself, as screaming would have been a bit much.

Tried again, same problem. Tried an earlier save, no love. Fuq!

I load a session from before Zaton, success. Attempt to travel to Zaton, fail. I try a number of DX9 settings as the next graphics level, is not properly supported on Linux. Still no love, the sandbox is broken once again. Hitting that delete button was difficult. But, a user got to do, what a user has to, and besides it’s just a game right.

Decided to create a new character, and what the hell, let’s try some DX11. It’s a bit laggy I know, but does work, and will get the job done. Tweaks will be applied in the long run, so feels can be shared, as well as karma whored.

Enter the developer.

He kindly suggests I share the corrupt files with him, as this could help locate and correct the problem areas. Fantastic I reply, and proceed to restore the saved games from Trash. There are quite a few, but I’m only interested in the latest. Curious, I attempt to load one, the intention, to generate that error message once again, but this time, the game loads fine.


Tried another and another and they all loaded nicely. I now feel a bit foolish, and am beginning to question my sanity. I would like to think that switching engines, triggered a sandbox change, causing the CTDs and settings sorcery, to somehow work to my advantage, but that assumption is based on pure ignorance. At least I can continue my characters journey onwards and towards the next break in momentum.

Pilot still won’t commit to his Yanov promise, but his Outskirts option is available. Maybe I’ll burden myself, and travel there instead. What could go wrong?

Anomaly: Character since before repack retired 🙁 from r/stalker