PABULUM: Apex Legends – eliminated.

Day one: Got beat to death by someone I thought was a teammate, boy was I wrong. I just wanted to look around for a bit, maybe acclimate myself, no sir, none of that nonsense here. Lasted less than a minute. Next session had my avatar running around the map unable to find equipment, no

PABULUM: Subnautica – come find me.

Speeding recklessly through an alien aquatic landscape is a lot of fun. Being chased by an irritated leviathan class beast at the same time, not so much. The depth alone was warning enough but curiosity got the better of me. I should leave this body of water immediately. I do not belong here. When I

PABULUM: Anomaly, stuck in Zaton. Day Four

Scavenging Zaton for supplies and hidden passages. Decided to avoid buying route information from traders because of “muh immersion”. Anonymous reports of fallen mercs keep popping up. Mercs often have good loot. “Easy money, easy life,” to quote a fellow stalker. Problem I have now is this Burer. He’s holding the bridge hostage while a

PABULUM – Anomaly: Update 1.4.0 Preview is now available

Looks like an update is going to kill my game save after all. Anomaly Update 1.4.0 requires a new game and is NOT compatible with old saves Oh well. Time to burn through some bandwidth and start anew. Anomaly: The first version of Anomaly Update 1.4.0 Preview is now available, including Anomaly Overhaul from r/stalker