THE RUDE ONES STORY 5 – Anomaly, Outskirts, At least I have vodka

He was exhausted when he crashed through the door and into the deserted Laundromat. So focused on his return, he did not notice his companion apparition, was nowhere to be seen, “Lenny?” No response, just the empty room. “All by myself again,” he hummed, just before the sadness overwhelmed him. “This time I will die

THE RUDE ONES STORY 4 – Anomaly, Outskirts, inside the hideout

The initial idea was to starve himself to death right here inside the hideout, thought it pointless to even attempt to scavenge the city. He knew of only one trader in this area and judging by the mob activity below, was confident that traders’ location, was overrun with every unfriendly incarnation imaginable. Not to mention