I AND I, Anomaly, stalled at the River Port

I can hear them wandering about in the rain, canvassing the property. Unfortunately for them, it’s way beyond the midnight hour, rendering visibility throughout the zone varying shades of darkness, making their immediate task, that more difficult. I should be fine here, tucked away in this stall and safely hidden from view. Still, far too […]

I AND I, Anomaly, CTDs and settings sorcery

A crash to desktop, or CTD, is a common phenomenon in the Stalker series. You find yourself immersed in whatever activity and boom the game crashes mid nut. With most other games, this would be unacceptable. With Stalker though, it is just another day. I am looking to travel beyond Zaton at the moment, because […]

I AND I, Anomaly, slow and steady

With each step forward, the desire to show extra caution intensifies. Why? Because it reeks of nothing but trouble in there. Normally, I would pay for safe passage across the region. But over time, the number of unchecked coordinates increased, and I now feel obliged to visit them. What challenges await me I wondered, standing […]