I AND I, Anomaly, CTDs and settings sorcery

A crash to desktop, or CTD, is a common phenomenon in the Stalker series. You find yourself immersed in whatever activity and boom the game crashes mid nut. With most other games, this would be unacceptable. With Stalker though, it is just another day. I am looking to travel beyond Zaton at the moment, because [More]

PABULUM: The Zone wants to be respected. Otherwise it will punish – Stalker: Anomaly (Linux/Dx9)

…and punish you it will. The poster child for “jump scare” mechanics. Every update thus far comes packaged with dramatic improvements to performance and game play.Every game session comes with a story to tell.A big shout out to Seargedp for all that hard work on the Anomaly package.And to all members of the Stalker and modding community in [More]