PABULUM: Oolite 1.88

TLDW: Took the Cobra Mark III: King CAB out for a spin and perhaps a fight or two, and like any respectable coward ran away from the fight. Instead elected to do some target practice with asteroids and lose money on trade. Graphics look nice and flying is cinematic, although hotkey mental failure did occur […]

PABULUM: The Wind Of Time

There are lots of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. modifications available that try to offer a different take on the experience. Recently found myself in the market for another, and stumbled unto this easy to set up, language friendly, standalone package known as The Wind Of Time. The promise of “Modified locations” caught my attention, hence the decision to […]

PABULUM: Apex Legends – eliminated.

Day one:Got beat to death by someone I thought was a teammate, boy was I wrong. I just wanted to look around for a bit, maybe acclimate myself, no sir, none of that nonsense here.Lasted less than a minute.Next session had my avatar running around the map unable to find equipment, no weapons for you […]