I AND I, Anomaly, slow and steady

With each step forward, the desire to show extra caution intensifies. Why? Because it reeks of nothing but trouble in there. Normally, I would pay for safe passage across the region. But over time, the number of unchecked coordinates increased, and I now feel obliged to visit them. What challenges await me I wondered, standing

I AND I, Anomaly, Henri

As a result of having some gaming features still enabled. The stalker my reticle focused on, was conveniently identified to me as Henri German. I knew another stalker once who went by that name, and that’s the reason it caught my attention. He was located way out in the distance, traveling across an open field

I AND I, Anomaly, moment with the Red Forest

“Seriously, where is this thing?” Canvassing the area as if, enlightenment was hiding somewhere close with answers. The PDA is convinced that package is located here. Claims it is hidden in, around, or on these boulders towering before me. It isn’t though, I looked. Only things of interest out here in this forest, are the