PABULUM – Anomaly: Update 1.4.0 Preview is now available

Looks like an update is going to kill my game save after all.Anomaly Update 1.4.0 requires a new game and is NOT compatible with old savesOh well. Time to burn through some bandwidth and start anew.Anomaly: The first version of Anomaly Update 1.4.0 Preview is now available, including Anomaly Overhaul from r/stalkerI am still amazed […]

PABULUM: Last Day, Anomaly – update 1.3.0

New Anomaly (1.3.0) update released with many quality of life additions and gameplay related fixes from r/stalker…Incomplete Field Crafting Overhaul crafting kits can now be dropped or placed in stashes, they won’t be stuck in the players inventory anymore…A welcome relief because inventory weight is a factor. Everything else is icing on this delicious irradiated […]