THE RUDE ONES STORY 3 – Anomaly, Jupiter Yanov station, lost to the zone

As he lay sprawled out on the warm pavement under the afternoon sun, and in a pool of his own blood. He was taken aback by how wonderful the weather had been all day. We still have clear sky’s with a mild breeze and a slight chance of being lost to the zone. “Clear the

THE RUDE ONES STORY 2 – Anomaly, Jupiter Yanov station, ambush the undead

It was barely audible but the nearby sound of shuffling made him pause and crouch low. He slowly scanned ahead panning north to south as he cautiously crawled forward through the field. “I vote we turn around and go the other way,” anxiety whispered. “It’s the right thing to do you know.” “Quiet,” said Rude.

THE RUDE ONES STORY 1 – Anomaly, Jupiter Yanov station, hunger is coming

The Rude One awakens once again, unsure of his whereabouts. This is not where he last remembered being. Through the gloom he could see that the walls were made of concrete and not steel, he also noticed that the ambiance from the swamp land was gone. He was no longer within the safe confines of