A LONERS STORY 3 – Anomaly, that shortcut

The loner had expected to meet with a different stalker here. Perhaps he misinterpreted last night’s messages. A simple mistake, one could blame on inexperience. The loner was still not sure what other features made the device so special and so costly. He was mildly disappointed, but pleasantly surprised to see friendlies traveling Zaton, so

A LONERS STORY 2 – Anomaly, minor improvements

Because scrounging through the dead did not require it, the loner disabled his headset to save on batteries. “You came to the wrong neighborhood kids” He joked as he loaded his backpack with whatever he could find. He scavenged their rusted out worn weaponry and munitions, tattered suits, helmets, stale food and cigarettes, the typical

A LONERS STORY 1 – Anomaly, how to get out?

“Not good.” He whispered to himself. Footsteps stormed the cabins below, followed by a rapid succession of gunfire. He could hear traders being subjected to verbal threats and physical harm. The things monolith do as they swarm your base. He is just one loner, no one special, some guy hungry for adventure, got introduced to

Anomaly: Zaton, distress at Shevchenko

Suddenly. Excitement over at container ship Shevchenko. The bandit squad that settled there recently, is now in distress. This is all happening a lot sooner than expected. Hoped that team would at least survive long enough to increase their collective value. Shame it should happen at this very moment. Currently en route to clear out

Anomaly: Zaton, decisions made

Stuck in Zaton for so long I’ve lost track of time. Days blend into nights, nights to days. Not so bad really. Skadovsk has everything a stalker needs and Zaton provides ample distractions. It’s early, the sun has yet to come out and the fog is still holding strong. At this moment I am lounging